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Complete 2'x2' Kit (Customizable)

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 Original kit includes :

(1x) : Grow Tent (2' x 2' x 6'.5'')

(1x) : Grow Light Sun System HPS 150W

(1x) : Digital timer Timemaster

(1x) : Light Hangers LightGrip (Pair)

(1x) : Fan Speed Controller

(1x) : 4'' In-Line Stealth Fan

(1x) : Stealth Carbon Filter

(1x) : 4'' Flex Ducting

(1x) : Remo's Nutrients Kit

(1x) : ppM Digital tester Pen

(1x) : pH Digital Tester Pen 

(1x) : Premium Coco Coir 50L

(1x) : 14'' Vinyl Saucer

(1x) : 5 Gallon RhizoPot

(1x) : Gro1 Digital Weather Station

(1x) : 1L Cyco pH Down

(1x) : 1L Cyco pH Up

Lighting Options:

(1x) Grow Light Sun System 315W

(1x) Sun Blaze T5 LED 2'x4'

Potting Options:

(1x) Alfred DWC 1 Plant System

(1x) General Hydroponics PowerGrower Eco

Nutrients Options:

(1x) Cyco Nutrients Kit

(1x) Emerald Harvest Nutrients Kit


The Complete 2'x2' Kit (Customizable) is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

Inventory Last Updated: Sep 26, 2021


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